This Toolkit is a guide for future job seekers.

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Tech is a function that enables every sector.

Every business depends on technology and skilled workers.  Digital skills will be needed in almost every future job. Whatever job you want to have, digital skills can help you launch and grow your career.

Tech is not yet representative of all of us.
You can be part of the change.

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  • You can’t be it if you can’t see it. We want to intentionally raise awareness of tech careers among historically underrepresented groups.
  • You never know until you try.  We offer learners opportunities to perform simulated tasks to build their understanding of entry level tech careers.
  • There is a path for everyone.  We include tools that guide conversations so that young adults discover their best path to training and careers.
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About tech jobs, emerging AI careers, and workforce training options.

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You’ll be on your way to making a plan for your future career in tech.


Shared Lane is an organization dedicated to preparing young people for the careers of their future.

Shared Lane customizes services for organizations -- schools, districts, charter management organizations, community based organizations, etc. -- who are building or broadening the reach of career pathways programs.

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Shared Lane supports educators to prepare youth for the careers of their future. We provide free resources to explore careers and multiple postsecondary pathways. Shared Lane intentionally bridges high schools and workforce training to expand opportunities for young people who face historic and systematic barriers.

The Digital Careers Toolkit is a product of Shared Lane. The materials are designed and developed collectively by subject matter experts. The concept of a tech careers toolkit was jointly conceived by Julian Cohen, founder of Shared Lane, and Jorge Correa Jr., Global Strategy Content Manager at IBM. Much of the content is authored with Jorge’s knowledge and creativity, as well as the deep expertise of Andi Azzolina, founder of Dataverse IT, and Niall McKinney, founder of Black Crow AI. SMEs who contributed to specific components of the Toolkit include Ismail Ocasio, Jeannie Smith, Jordhan Kerridge, Priya Ramanathan, Sierra Harvey, Tam Lisa Danier, Rachel Rabinowitz, Bethany Crystal & others. Shared Lane acknowledges Per Scholas for initiating the concept, and PDT Partners for contributing a feasibility study as a component of Per Scholas’ Technology Careers Exploration Program (TCEP). Shared Lane is grateful to the Carnegie Corporation of New York (CCNY) for supporting this project as a grantee of the Pathways to Postsecondary Success portfolio. The website is designed and developed by 5Four Digital. Shared Lane is responsible for all content.

Earn a Microcredential

Apply to earn a MicroCredential

Micro-credentials are competency-based recognition of professional learning. These digital certifications recognize an individual's competence in a specific set of skills, providing an opportunity for educators to manage their own professional learning at their own pace.

Shared Lane offers an ‘Advising for Digitally Enabled Careers’ micro-credential in which learners  investigate pathways to digitally enabled careers and develop activities to advise their students. The micro-credential is earned through Digital Promise, a nationally recognized non-profit that works to close the digital learning gap.

This Toolkit is for you!
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Use these resources as units and lessons in your class. There are downloadable materials and contextual information.
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Try these activities to discover the path
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Share these resources with learners in small groups or for one-on-one career guidance with young adults.

Navigate your career path.

Get oriented to careers, skills and training options. Make a Plan that is your roadmap to a digitally-enabled career.